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HideMyAss Review – My Experience Using HMA VPN

Michael Allen Virtual Private Network 69 Comments

HideMyAss (HMA), one of the leading VPN providers from the UK, offers web proxy and VPN services that allow people to hide their IP addresses, unblock websites, and surf anonymously online. With more than 25, 000 anonymous IP addresses – the largest number offered by any VPN service, HMA compares favorably against other VPN products.

In this article, I will show you the ins and outs that make HMA the most popular VPN service over others like ibVPN, StrongVPN and pureVPN.  This is a review article about HideMyAss; If you’re looking for the official HideMyAss website, please click here.

Update (April 17, 2014):
Hidemyass has just launched its Christmas promotion for the year. You get 56% discount on its HMA Pro VPN. If you missed the sale of the last Christmas, this is your second chance to get HMA with the lowest price.
Click here to grab this deal!

Server Locations

HideMyAss currently has 343 VPN servers in 53 countries (updated on April 17, 2014), comprising approximately 40,500+ IP addresses. There are 176 servers totaling 22257 IP addresses in the United States of America. New VPN servers and new IP addresses are added regularly. It is important for you to find out how many servers are in your country or in the nearby countries because the closer you are to a VPN server, the faster your connection speed will be. Click here to check out VPN servers located in your area .

Aside from having the largest amount of IP addresses, with HideMyAss, it is easy to gain access to localized content. One such example is using HMA to watch American TV shows and videos from abroad. Say that you’re living in Germany and you want to watch Hulu or Netflix shows from outside of the US. All you have to do is connect to any U.S. VPN server so your online identity will appear to be somewhere in the USA. Another example is using HideMyAss to watch the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

[Note: you may have to clear your browser's cache in order to make it work. This can  be accomplished by turning on the "No tracking" feature of your browser.]

VPN Protocols

HideMyAss works well with most common protocols, including  OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. HMA VPN servers can be grouped together, by protocol. This gives you the ability to choose VPN servers that support specific protocols within specified countries. This feature makes selecting the best protocol for your situation quite easy. Instead of re-directing you to Wikipedia to read lengthy explanations of what each protocol does, here are my suggestions for how to implement the best protocol for your situation.

I recommend that you use OpenVPN protocol whenever possible. OpenVPN utilizes the OpenSSL libraries for encryption and authentication, providing maximum security. Also, OpenVPN can be configured to run on the same port (443) as HTTPS does, making it possible to run almost any application on it. Although it is not always true, generally speaking, you do get faster speeds with OpenVPN over PPTP or L2TP. If you will be using HideMyAss on mobile devices such as iPhones, you should use L2TP, PPTP or IPSec instead.

Is HideMyAss Fast?

Speed is one of the major factors when assessing any VPN service. One question people ask frequently is “How fast is HideMyAss?”. There is really no single answer to the question. Speed depends on a number of factors – the speed of your connection to the internet, your computer equipment limits, and so on. However, the average ratings from HMA customers is 4 out of 5 on speed. That is a pretty decent score.
Here are my recommendations that will help you speed up your VPN connection.

  1. Use OpenVPN. In most cases, OpenVPN is not only safer but also faster in comparison to PPTP.
  2. Employ OpenVPN over UDP. By default, all HMA VPN connections are made through TCP protocol when OpenVPN is used. However, you can achieve faster speed if you make OpenVPN use the UDP protocol instead.
  3. Customize your DNS server. DNS servers like Google public DNS are usually a lot faster than the ones provided by your ISP.  It is possible to significantly increase the speed of your DNS inquiries. However, I personally wouldn’t use Google’s public DNS since your DNS queries will be logged by Google. Instead, I would recommend Comodo Secure DNS. Comodo Secure DNS addresses are: and

How Good Is the Support?

My overall experience dealing with HideMyAss customer support was positive. Shortly after I opened my account, I noticed that I couldn’t send emails from the “Mail” program on my Mac. I e-mailed an inquiry to the support team and within an hour I got a response with detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue. At present, they only offers three types of support: Email support, Live chat, and an online user forum.

The Live chat service operates 12 hours a day and is the quickest way to get answers to your questions, especially for sales related inquiries. However, I found the Email support is a better choice when you need technical or billing support. Emails provide trackable records you can save for future reference. HideMyAss forum is a great way to exchange knowledge and experience with other HMA users. Because it is a public forum, you should avoid posting personal information on it. For guaranteed responses you should always use Email support.

Visit HideMyAss.com

HMA Pro VPN – Where the Magic Happens

HideMyAss’s custom-built HMA Pro VPN is the most innovative and feature-loaded personal VPN software I have ever used. The application is nifty and packed with lots of handy functionalities. Below are just some of the highlights of HMA Pro.

HideMyAss VPN feature 1: Speed guide

  1. Speed Guide

    This is the feature I personally use the most. With HMA “Speed guide”, you can do a “ping test” to find the VPN servers with the fastest upload and download speed and save the results in your favorites list. Here is a video that demonstrates how to use this feature to locate the fastest VPN servers to connect to.

  2. Randomly Change IP

    With the “HMA Pro VPN” software, you can schedule changes to your IP address at set time intervals. For instance, if you have specified the HideMyAss software to randomly change IP address every 45 minutes, you’ll get a different dynamic IP each time it changes.

    [Note: Your VPN connection will be automatically disconnected for a short moment throughout the IP change. Therefore, your real IP may be exposed during the IP change. To make sure you always stay anonymous and your original IP is hidden, use HMA "Secure IP Bind" feature.]

    randomly change ip address

  3. Secure IP Bind

    In order to prevent an application from connecting when a secure VPN connection is not available, you should use HideMyAss “Secure IP Bind” feature. “Secure IP Bind” stops your applications from going online and reverting back to your original IP address in case you forget to connect to the VPN before running the application or your internet connection is crashed and a new connection is established.

    [Note: IP binding is currently only available on Windows. For HMA Pro VPN on Mac, you'll need to configure your firewall to make it work.]

    HideMyAss feature3: Secure IP Bind

  4. Easier Server Selection

    To make finding and choosing VPN servers easy, HideMyAss VPN servers are grouped by protocol and country. HMA Pro VPN software updates itself in the background and automatically downloads the newly added servers to your server list. All this is done transparently, without any interaction from you. You have the option to choose servers from your custom VPN server list, which could be built simply by saving the results of  the speed test you performed previously. You also can ask the software to randomly select a VPN server within specific regions, or simply choose 1 out of the 10 closet VPN servers to connect to.

    HideMyAss feature 4: Country Selection

  5. Load Balancing

    Similar to the load balancing concept used by server farms, there is a load balancing option built into HMA Pro VPN. You can use this handy function to find the least loaded HMA VPN server that has the fewest concurrent user connections within a country or a defined group. The end result is that you will be connected to a VPN server with more resources allocated to your connection for fastest speeds.

Is HideMyAss Easy to Install and Use?

In order to use HideMyAss VPN service, you first need to open a VPN account here. Select a username, enter your email address, choose a password and then click “Continue”.  Setting up HideMyAss on Mac or PC is simple and there is no complicated networking configuration at all. All you need is to first download the HMA Pro VPN software, then fill in your username and password and hit “Connect”. Now you can surf the Internet anonymously.

Compatibility & Supported OS

HideMyAss VPN service works with any computers, routers, and mobile devices that support PPTP or OpenVPN. The client software – HMA Pro VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux (The GUI for Linux is under development, for now you can use the command line.). If you plan to use HideMyAss on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or any Android device, you don’t need to install any additional software as these devices all come with native software support for commonly used VPN protocols.

[Note: to use HMA on Android or iOS, first login to your account at hidemyass.com and then click "PPTP Server" on the left side menu within the control panel. You will see your login credentials for PPTP.]

Nothing Is Perfect

So far we have discussed the benefits of HideMyAss. Like any other product or service, Hide My Ass has its own limitations. Though we found the support (by email, live chat or user forums) helpful and reasonably efficient, adding live telephone support would make life a lot easier, and result in faster turnover in answering customer inquiries. One thing you need to be aware of is HideMyAss logging policies. HideMyAss does keep certain information on its customers. This has made many VPN users question the level of anonymity the service offers. A simple question sent to HMA “What do you EXACTLY log?” got us the following reply:

We only log the time you connect and disconnect from our service, we do not monitor any traffic and activity such as what websites you visit and who you talk to“.

Try HideMyAss VPN Yourself

Though many VPN service providers offer trials and money back guarantee policies, HideMyAss is the only one I know that offers a 30 day money back guarantee (trial periods of other VPN offerings are usually 7 to 10 days). HideMyAss puts a lot of time and effort into keeping their pricing attractive. When searching online for “HideMyAss discount”, I discovered this HMA discount. It looked like the same promo they were running during the Christmas season. Following the above link, you will notice the price on this discount page is $6.55/month instead of the $11.52/month that is listed on the Pro VPN page. Well, that’s over 40% savings! At the time of this review, this HideMyAss VPN discount page is still alive. Click here to find out if the discount is still available.

If you are in the market for an affordable, reliable personal VPN with timely support, you should definitely consider HideMyAss. HideMyAss VPN is very easy to install and use. The speed is excellent. The price isn’t the lowest in comparison to other providers, but, when considering the price and the quality of the service you get, it’s obvious that HideMyAss is the best VPN service available for the money!

Click here to visit hidemyass.com

Image Credit: Ethan Kan

Michael AllenHideMyAss Review – My Experience Using HMA VPN

Comments 69

  1. jiml

    terrible, terrible software (hide my ass).

    poor product: crashed when changing ip address, always unable to login . even though they said having thousands of ip addresses, it is all fake. only small amount is usable.

    horrible customer service: once you pay, you will never get money back. reply always take up to 4 days.

    do not buy it, stay away from it

  2. jiml

    I agree with you. it is worst ever. when i started auto ip address changing, it always crashes ,and most of time i can not login. the worst of the worst is that they have horrible customer service , and always replies after 4 days.
    refund policy is simple : once you pay , do not expect them to refund you any money. every thing they reply is generic email. i hate this software, please do not use them, and stay away from them.

  3. Kries

    Worst VPN service I ever tried. Does not work with Thunderbird. Ok, you receive your mail but no way to send mails when connected to HMA. Their techicians try everything to help you (offereing even remote control) but at the end…you refund period is over and theshit is still not working properly. Too slow, email problems, connecting problems….I wonder why this shit is granted 5 stars ? Even 1 star is too much for this. Removed from my computer and back to the previous VPN service. Shame they do not want to accept refung. Got 76 emails from their techicians to prove that it is not working. Great service. NSA is very glad to have them on their side.

  4. HMA user

    Been using HMA for four years. Generally, it is ok. The service has become very slow to the point of no service in recent months however. Changing servers can sometimes provide a fix, but the service has become slower.

  5. khaaos

    HORRIBLE service. The software might be flashy, but don’t let that fool you.

    The performance, customer service, and value puts this company on the bottom of the pile. Do your research, they do block traffic, they do throttle speeds, they do log connections.

    Contacting Customer service was disappointing. In fact they denied me a refund after 12 days for a full year subscription, even when they have a 30 day refund policy, but because they have a 30 day refund policy for only first time subscribers, loyal customers who are no longer happy with the declining performance and value of the service can get forget it.

    Do yourself a favor, stay away from this place, there are plenty of better options out there.

  6. nameless

    An IP address only shows your approximate location. If you scroll down through a HMA connection log you will also find your MAC address. This is the code that positively identifies your device as the one that was used to make that particular connection. I think HMA should mention this when describing the information they collect.

  7. Steve

    Sounds like a great deal, 30 days money back guarantee….
    The service did’nt function as i expected so, gimmi back my money!!
    No problem, i will record thos date so you will get your money back no matter what but just barecwith us and try some more settings, alternative programs….etc.

    So i did, sounds great, helpfull, how you would want a company to react.

    Tried their service, with help, for a few more weeks.
    Didnt work really well still.
    Decided to go to another vpn provider(wich works flawlessly in one go)

    Mailed sorry, didnt work as it should, could i get my money back please?

    No, you went over the limits, no money back for you….WTF…….. No reaction to my mail anymore after this, weird company, beware!!

  8. Carter

    A quick google search will revel hide my ass employees lawyers, so thry can find loop holes to get out of paying money back guareentees. Also it is not private at all, they record everything you do

  9. kevin

    Hide my ass are a scam company. they do not answer emails or complaints. i paid them and requested a refund but they do not answer. for me having this software on my pc caused lots of problems. so beware. these people have ripped me off and i am going to take them to a small claims court to get my money back. so think lots about giving this company yuour money

  10. Tens

    a promo code that would get us a price of $6.55 intead of $11 but it is HideMyAss offers, that apply a discount if you subscribe for 1 year.

  11. Kudos

    Hide My Ass isn’t perfect, but it is the best option if you compare it with others. For me, it is the only VPN works in China. Private Internet Access and AirVPN come close, but they don’t have many VPN servers as Hide My Ass does. I think this review of Hide My Ass VPN is fair. I don’t have problems with the fact that Hide My Ass keeps logs but I agree with the author, Hide My Ass could provide better support for their customers.

  12. HMA4ALL

    Very detailed Hide My Ass review. I have been with Hide My Ass for 4 yeas and I never had a single problem with it.

  13. albumina


    Dear XXX,

    You have placed an order on Hidemyass on xxx
    (reference number: #xxx), order processed by Avangate as the
    reseller of Privax LTD, the software / service provider which operates

    Your order is currently under evaluation by Avangate anti-fraud
    Specialists. We perform this verification to prevent unauthorized use of
    the credit/debit card used in the transaction and unauthorized use of
    your personal details.

    In order to validate your payment and complete your order, please
    provide us with the following documents during the next two business

    – a copy of a recent credit card billing statement, confirming the
    name, address, and telephone number associated with the credit card
    presented for your order.
    – a copy of a photo ID (identification card, driver`s license or
    passport) of the Credit/Debit Card account holder.

    1. Hellen

      Don’t think this has anything to do with Hidemyass. com, it looks like you order is being blocked by Avangate. Have you had it solved yet?

  14. gringo-in-ecuador

    I have been using HideMyAss for six months. I like it a lot. Since I live in Ecuador I use the Miami servers most of the time because of the speed. My only frustration is that some of the Miami servers do not register as in the United States. Today the first one said it was in the Netherlands and the second in Canada. Is this a HideMyAss problem in registering their IP addresses?

    1. Magnus Svensson

      I had the same problem with Miami, I usually just pick servers in a different city which solves the issue.

  15. Roberto

    I think the service is excellent to anyone who needs to hide is IP but not so much (as publicized) to watch Streaming TV from any Country.
    My experience is that when I tested on Finnish TV by connecting through a Finnish proxy, the quality was pretty good and watchable with few buffering.
    However when I tried to watch RAI from Italy through the Italian proxies, they were alwasy jammed and I wasn’t able to see anything. The average speed was between 5 and 15 KB. and so very frustrating.
    Only in the middle of the night when I did another tests I was able to watch some streaming TV from RAI (because majority of people were sleeping at that time), but during the daytime was impossible.
    In conclusion, if you need to browse and can use ANY proxy available, the service is good to ghide your IP and pretty fast. If you need to use ONLY a certain proxy (like the Italian one to see RAI for instance) save your money because up to now it has been very disappointing.
    I hope to write again and tell that the things improved, but as for now, I would not recommend this service to Italians

  16. Richard

    Well I have been using this for over a month in China and I know China has been actively trying to control internet usage, but still the service is not really that good. They like to tell you to switch from Open VPN to PPTP and then back again when PPTP isn’t working well. They have done remote assistance on my computer also and within an hour there were issues again. I even suggested that they use my spare computer to monitor and do testing on for China. (Oh yes I did want something for it, it wasn’t going to come free, but it is not like I was going to charge them money. I was going to offer them the use of it for free service and keeping my personal computer up to date on the service.) Their reply was that they would need many computers in many locations to do it right. I guess doing it completely wrong is better in their opinion than doing what they could. I guess they don’t have good business managers or IT managers there to realize that a little is always better than nothing! I am tired of their excuses and when they agree to a refund I am out of there and probably switching to Astrill! I really wish my old VPN would have worked out the China issues. One nice thing about them they simply did not give so many excuses, they just kept their servers and settings up to date as best as they could. I miss them, I wish they would have overcome the problems. I have lost more time in productivity because of HMA in the last month than I did in the last 2 1/2 years with my old company! In fact I may have lost more productivity in the last weekend than in the entire time with my old company.

  17. Zambia

    lol, HMA doesnt work in china, I have switched to strongvpn since they have better support, its funny how HMA writes their own reviews I have emailed them 3-4 times no response, are you kidding me!, the only way to get even if by explaining to all customers to dump these guys and move to other providers their support is terrible. Witopia also works but strong has better support, and listen I am not working for the companies I posted just being factual here. I have already requested a refund from HMA, waiting for it still thanks

  18. eric

    HMA has become unusable. I am in Germany and connect to servers in the US. Google will not accept my searches because they say there are too many automated queries coming from the server (I have tried many).

    I can no longer watch a streaming movie without an interruption every 3 minutes because the speed is so slow. Downloading a movie from iTunes will take 10 hours on Apple TV.

    One last piece of evidence is that HMA’s own forums will not allow me to register when I cam connected to an HMA server – the reason: it is a known spammer. When a company won’t trust its own product, beware.

    By the way, the service used to be good; however, it became noticeably slower 6 weeks ago and has been useless for the past 4 weeks.


    1. Dave

      Hello Eric,
      I have the same problem with HMA, I can’t watch a online Stream in Zattoo without all 10sec buffering problems. HMA has major problem’s and I think they will go down because you can’t take money and serve such a amazing bad “Service”
      They not even answer to support requests or to a message. They lie with each word and it look for me like a one man show otherwise they could answer in time and give a standard Customer Support.

      I just went now on google and got the message:
      About this page

      Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot. Why did this happen?

      IP address:
      Time: 2012-11-26T08:44:32Z
      URL: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbo=d&sclient=psy-ab&q=translate&oq=tra&gs_l=hp.1.0.0l4.149449.149996.2.151259.…1c.1.zG8eyOArYs8&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bpcl=38897761&biw=1366&bih=637&ech=1&psi=TyuzUJ_GD82Y1AWfxIGoAw.1353919311385.3&emsg=NCSR&noj=1&ei=VCuzUMGrGoWW0QWt74CYBA

      it’s just a question of time…
      I only can recommend to not use HMA

    2. ishidemyassstillgood

      If you’re making too many search requests in a short period of time, Google will ban your IP address for a brief moment. Google does this to prevent people from sending queries using automate tools. If you’re running any SEO software, stop running it for a while, then the error msg should go away. Changing to a different server may help.

    3. Will

      I can’t really agree that HMA has become unusable but as I have only been using it for a week perhaps I need more time to have a real idea about the service. I have been using it intensly during this week to watch shows on hulu and other catch-up tv services (AS, UK). Hardly any buffering problems and very fluid. If this quality continues for the next 3 weeks then I shall probably take the one year offer which is at a very good price.

      This is just to say that one can never give a general opinion on a service but simply a personal opinion. What is true for one user is not sure to be true for another. Anyway, I’m very happy with the quality for the moment.

      PS: Thanks for the review ;o)

  19. Umee

    How do you get 2.7.0 HMA version? I am using 2.6.9 version. I didn’t get any notification for latest version. One more thing, I want to mentioned here HMA support is very slow nowadays, I have issue with payment processing and I email them 2 days ago, still does not get answer from them.


  20. Devin

    The COO from HMA has promised to provide better support.

    Hi there, I’m the Chief Operating Officer of HMA. We understand that our support has recently not been up to the standard it should be and that in many cases replies have taken far too long. We have been working behind the scenes to address this and have recently recruited more support staff, who are currently undergoing training. We are also making improvements to our software and our site overall which we believe will reduce the number of unnecessary tickets. I can only apologise for your bad experiences to date, but would like you to be assured that radical improvements are imminent: live chat will be available more often and we will be introducing telephone support as well.

    Many thanks


  21. VPN service reviews

    I was looking for a valuable VPN review and my search ends here. You have really written a nice piece that explains every angle of VPN. I am really grateful to you and your efforts. Hope to listen back from your side. When you are going to release another update about VPN?

  22. hidemyass neard

    I have been using hidemyass for over 3 years now. I have to say I never had a single problem with it. There were times i found the connections were slow. But I after I switched to a different VPN server, it usually solve the problem. I plan to try other VPN services such as VPN4ALL, but only because of the logging issue. Except that, I am very happy with hidemyass.

  23. John Doe

    I was able to successfully log on and pay but since then I can’t log back on and resetting the password doesn’t help. I’ve never seen anything like this, I came here to actually see if HMA! is some kind of a front. For the time being I’m getting a reply every day and a half but I’ve never seen anything so frustrating. Should I ever manage to log on I wonder how easy connecting to server will be…

    1. USAYWhat

      sounds like your provider has blocked your ip address change your ip using a free vpn then access through that vpn if you are using a wifi router you can change the ip address on the router as well by changing the ddwrt the instructions are on the web on most all VPN VPN fire is a great place to hide while you do some repairs

  24. Police

    Do not trust them! They will keep logs and they know who you are and will give information out if asked.

    “HideMyAss explains:

    It first came to our attention when leaked IRC chat logs were released, in these logs participants discussed about various VPN services they use, and it became apparent that some members were using our service. No action was taken, after all there was no evidence to suggest wrongdoing and nothing to identify which accounts with us they were using.

    At a later date it came as no surprise to have received a court order asking for information relating to an account associated with some or all of the above cases. As stated in our terms of service and privacy policy our service is not to be used for illegal activity, and as a legitimate company we will cooperate with law enforcement if we receive a court order (equivalent of a subpoena in the US).


    1. VPN service

      HMA’s TOS clearly states they do not allow illegal activities and will collaborate with authorities when asked to. The whole point of HMA is to protect you from whoever you are connecting to the Internet through. This is especially important when using wi-fi in a hotel, in an Internet cafe, and especially on the street where you have no guarantee the wi-fi provider will not snoop on your user names and passwords. A secondary benefit is that you can do such things as watch BBC shows outside the UK, and such.

      1. David

        You are missing the point. They state that the only information they log is your connection and disconnection time. Obviously, if they later provide corroborating evidence to help the authorities, then they have stored more than that. I still think it is a great service for protecting anonymity from all but authorities, but HMA should not falsely advertise that they store no other information.

        What I would like to know is, EXACTLY what do they store, and for how long, and how is that information destroyed afterwards? It is more than time connecting and time disconnecting. They have to link that to their record of you. So, OK, a pointer to your account. However, they have to know your current IP address. Do they store this too? Then, do they store which server you connected to? And do they store your new ip address? Covering all of these would be an appropriate answer.

  25. KelBil

    Bought HMA 3 days ago – haven’t been able to connect to get a US IP address and the chat doesn’t work. Just sent them my log file and will wait for response.

    I am an American expat in France and the only connection i can get with HMA is IN FRANCE! That is no help to me at all. have tried the Hotspot Shield elite and had MUCH BETTER success. HMA may be good for UK expats in Europe but for Americans it seems to be a piece of junk.

    Now the only question is – since their software doesn’t deliver as advertised – will HMA give me a refund?

  26. Kate

    For the benefit of all the users and their hard earned money.

    Few months back, HMA was great. But now a days it is a pile of shit. It is better to stay away from their service. First they take your money and after couple of days, your account is disabled and they make you wait for months to refund or enable your account. You could just visit their community at http://forum.hidemyass.com/index.php/forum/21-vpn-questions-and-general-talk/ and check how many users are complaining.

    Their chat systems never respond and their emails are not ticket based. You will not know whether your email has even reached their non-existent support or not.

    Their community moderating team is hardly online. You could check their last visit on this page http://forum.hidemyass.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders

    So think wise, before you give your money to them. Internet has many crap providers, and HMA is one of them. You never know they might even sniff your personal data and sell it for quick bucks. Stay away.

  27. Ritesh

    I bought HMA & was not able to make it work,

    I made the payment online & HMA had to send me the verification code via SMS, i waited for 15 hours but the SMS never reached me.

    I wrote them Emails but there was no reply from HMA

    Current status: i have paid and there is no response from HMA.

  28. WebWriter

    I have been using HMA for a few months and am really disappointed. They market that they have 20,000+ servers but in my experience I can only connect to one out of every 10-15 servers that I try. I spend more time trying to find servers that work than I do actually using the service. Many countries don’t work at all, it is beyond frustrating. Customer support is virtually non existent, unless you can stay by your email for 2 days with no rest to keep a open dialogue going. This service should be a simple install and connect with no hang ups, instead you have to apparently be a computer scientist to fully utilize it. I give this service a BIG FAIL.

  29. ronald

    I am in China. Can’t open any of your webpages to purchase. Being blocked by the authorities. Any sites available that I can open and take out a subscription?

    1. Post
  30. Pingback: Is PureVPN the best alternative to HideMyAss?

  31. Mark Ackley

    Hide my ass is a great VPN, but you can try Hotspot Shield as well. It offers both a Free and a paid Elite version. I am using it from past few months and its good.
    Hotspot Shield Works on wireless and wired connections alike and Provides Unlimited Bandwidth.

    With Hotspot Shield, you can get access to all blocked websites and you can surf anonymously.

    You can try it here: http://www.hotspotshield.com

  32. Pete of HMA

    my name is Pete from the HMA-Team.

    @Dave: We’re sorry to hear that you seem to have had a bad experience with our customer support.
    Please let us know via eMail if you’re still experiencing any kind of problems.
    You mentioned that we raised our prices – that’s not true. You might refer to the XMAS special
    discount we had during December and partially January. This discount ended then, and prices
    were reverted back to normal: $11.52 for 1 month, $50.66 for 6 months, $78.66 for 12 months.
    But it won’t be long til the next discount is available.

    Have you contacted our support yet to solve your speed problems?
    I can assure you that all our servers have 1 gbit connection, except some in the Asia region which have 100mbit.
    Note that speed depends on many factors, not just on the servers available bandwidth.
    Also on your network configuration, your ISP’s speed, rush hour, VPN server distance, usage, etc etc etc.
    There are many things you can do to improve your speeds.
    Please contact our email support for further help.


    We are constanly trying to improve our service, support and VPN server quality+quantity.
    Also, we are grateful for any feedback we receive. Contact us if you have any problems,
    and also feel free to just tell us your opinion, feedback and how you think we could make things better.

    Have a nice day,


  33. Dave

    I’m sad to post this as HMA seemed so great (and is at times) – but it’s gotten worse (slower, can’t connect FOR A WEEK- trying to fumble and fix settings myself. . .

    Anyway, at first Customer Support was good (for initial set -up and trial) & I was able to get help through live chat right away. . . flawless for 30 days.

    Still over the last 3 months I’ve learned the online information isn’t clear (i.e. no screenshots of how to set/resolve problems) – and now ‘live chat doesn’t work & no email response for days upon days ~ about an inability to connect, getting very slow at peak times, AND they raised prices!

    I get the impression HMA are understaffed for their growth- at first they were helpful when you can finally get them, now they ‘blow you off’ with a bogus answer (again impression is late night person just trying to meet a quota w/ little real help). I’m getting more and more frustrated and am going to try a different VPN.

  34. Schizoider

    I would avoid them. I can only go by my experience, but I found that after a while I was unable to connect to PPTP servers completely, leaving me with the option of using their L2TP servers. They seem to work fine at first, but you can be in the middle of streaming a movie and the connection will go dead, forcing you to switch servers. Also, if you do a speed test on these servers from Canada, you’ll see that they only have a 4-5 mb connection on average.

    Don’t be fooled by the positive reviews if you’re from Canada. Give them a MONTHLY try, and do not subscribe for an extended period. You could be stuck with an expensive lemon.

  35. Tido

    I would like to comment in the support that HMA VPN offers. I have ever been helped by a company as quickly until a solution to my problem was found. I had already purchased the product and was trying to get it to work in a different network from the one I usually use it on and emailed them to ask what I needed to do and sure enough I had my problem fixed a few emails later. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, nowadays you just don’t get this sort of service. I hope that they continue treating their customers like this because I will keep purchasing the service year after year if this is the treatment that I get. I am not an IT guy so sometimes I don’t know the lingo for different networks but they were able to point me in the right direction so that I could provide them with the info to figure out how to get it to work and for that I am very thankful. Thank you for your excellent product and superb support. Keep it up!

  36. Simon Robert

    I have been using Hide my ass for over a year now – Its great as when I am logged in via my gmail it remembers all my search engine results – I use it to check rankings and to view how my potential customers would view my site. It gets a 8 out of 10 from me …sometimes it crashes and you have to start again.

    1. tigerNT

      Ipad has native support for PPTP. So you will need to set up the HMA VPN connection on iPad using your PPTP login (login to your account on hidemyass and click “PPTP server”).

      1. James K

        So far the best log keeping policy I’ve found for a VPN with a reasonable price has been http://proxpn.com/ that states they keep connection logs for only 14 days. I’ve used five different paid VPN services in the last two years and the two best speed and connection wise have been proxpn and hidemyass. Log keeping policies are important, but so are speed and services that are offered.

    1. z32

      Note downloading copyrighted material is not allowed through HMA. Here is their note:
      Dear John Doe,
      We have received a file sharing complaint and the date, time and IP address provided matches the date, time and IP address your VPN account was in use. Illegal file sharing is against our terms of service and we cannot ignore breach of copyright complaints, as such we kindly ask you to stop sharing said files to comply with this request. Please note repeated offences may result in permanent suspension.

  37. You can call me Al

    I have been using HMA since 2009 and all I can say is that I am in love with them! They work flawlessly and they add around 3 to 9 new servers every month!
    I’d highly recommend HMA to anyone.

      1. Post
  38. Dave

    I have that problem. By default, the SMTP port was blocked to prevent people from using the service to spam. Just send a request to the hidemyass support team, they will email you back how to connect to the SMTP. The support team at Hide my ass are excellent.

    1. HideMyAssCom

      Hi Alan, we will have to whitelist your SMTP mail address so that you can send out emails using SMTP email clients, like outlook or thunderbird. Please email our support for that.


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