How To Set Up A VPN On Mac

How To Set Up A VPN On Mac

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Setting up a VPN on Mac is easy and straight forward. In this article, I will show you how to set up a VPN connection on your mac step by step. 

Opening A VPN Account

In order to access to any VPN service, you first need a VPN account. If you already have one, skip this section and go directly to “Setting Up VPN”.

When choosing a VPN service, I suggest you not selecting the “Free” VPN because it can become a pain in the long run. Instead, you should  use inexpensive, paid VPN services from reputable companies such as HideMyAss. I use HMA! Pro VPN from HideMyAss becuase it is easy to use, and inexpensive (I can use it on my iPhone and iMac at the same time without any extra cost). Plus, HideMyAss’s logging policy doesn’t bother me because I believe most of VPN service providers keep logs anyhow. There are plenty of VPN providers you can choose such as:  Hidemyass VPN, StrongVPN or PureVPN. Just pick one with a lot of VPN servers and reasonable price (Generally speaking, you don’t need to spend more than $20/month for a VPN serice). For a list of VPN service providers, visit VPN Tips.

Setting up VPN

Setting up a VPN on Mac is quick and easy: simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Open System Preferences and click “Network” under “Internet & Wireless”
  2. Click on the “+” sign on the left bottom to create a new service. You should see a new window that looks like following:
    setup VPN on Mac

    Choose “VPN” from the “Interface” select box

  3. Choose “VPN” from the “Interface” select box, and name the new service in the “Service Name” text box. In VPN Type, choose the type of VPN your service provider specified.

    setup VPN on Mac PPTP
    The most common VPN type(protocol) is “PPTP”. Windows, Mac, Linux all have built-in native support for PPTP. The biggest benefit of using PPTP is you don’t have to download additional drivers to set up the VPN.

    In my case, I would “PPTP” which is the VPN type hidemyass VPN supports. Enter any name you like under ” Service Name” then click on “Create”.

  4. You should see a screen like the following:

    setup VPN on Mac server address
    In the “Server Address” field, enter the server address you got from your VPN service provider (Hint: look for it in the Email received after signing up or in the control panel of your account)  then hit “Connect”

  5. In the “VPN Connection” screen, enter the username and password you got from your VPN servie provider and then hit “Ok” setup VPN connection on Mac VPN connection
  6. In the “Network” window, choose the VPN service you just created on the left and click “Advanced…”, then check “Send all traffic over VPN connection”.setup VPN on Mac send all traffic over VPN connection

By now, your VPN should be up and running. This is how easy you can setup a VPN on a Mac

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Michael AllenHow To Set Up A VPN On Mac

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  1. leanne t

    so i went thru this intruction process. it all worked fine, but even when the vpn is active, it still shows the ip address of the wifi that i am using in the hotel. what have i missed? i have double checked it. something simple no doubt.

  2. RuffLife

    I have a MacbookPro i use as my remote device to access my iMac at my store. Do I have to begin this process on my iMac?

  3. RuffLife

    My business has a static internet connection. Will this VPN (hidemyass, for instance) work with a static internet connection?

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