No TV? No Cable? Watch 2016 Olympics Online

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Are you missing out the all the excitement and action surrounding the Rio 2016 Olympic games because you’re not a cable or NBC subscriber? If you’re TV-free like me, the good news is you can still watch the live coverage of Olympics in HD from the CBC website. All you need is to obtain a Canadian IP address – and here’s how.

The easiest and cheapest way to get a Canadian IP address is by purchasing a low-cost VPN account. There are a bunch of reputable companies offering VPN accounts for as low as $5 per month. TorGuard and HideMyAss VPN are two of the best known. They provide a ‘local’ IP address to bypass regional restrictions, allowing access to blocked online content, like the Olympics. I use HideMyAss VPN, which has the largest pool of available IP addresses and within seconds, I am logged on to the CBC site where I can access all the content, free! If you are thinking of getting a VPN account, take a look at the “Summer Olympic Special” HideMyAss is offering right now.

If you know of any better ways of watching the Olympics online, please share it here!


  1. Thanks, exactly what I am looking for. I missed a couple of Games and wanted to watch them, but when i search them on youtube and stuff, nothing comes up.

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